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Day Two.

The hike down.

Packing up camp from the campground on top.

David looking really happy and excited.

Myself looking particularly ecstatic.

Perhaps just a mile into the trail?
Still looking... happy... and rather excited.

Squirrels will walk right up to you and take food right from your hand here.

What soon would be the cause of our suffering.
To those who backpack... they're probably already laughing
at our ridiculous mistake and lack of knowledge. Yep.

Looking behind us to see the trail. It was so steep.

Small cactus blooms up close and personal.

Me finally realizing that our hike was just going downhill from here.
Bags were overweight... and my shoes were causing very bad blisters.
Don't I look as excited as when we first started? =)

Passing the trail that we were due to go on the next day which we had to walk past. Man. A glimpse of what was to come....

Where we slept that night. That night was beautiful, but that whole day was just hell.
Little did we know what we were going to have to go through the next day though.

**There wasn't much shade and there was no running water - not even a tiny stream - the whole first day... I limped for more than half of that day of hiking. It was just all wrong with the overweight packs, really bad blisters, and a developing sun burn on my shoulders.

After the first day of hiking down, I already figured I would learn all about what one should NOT do when they go hiking under these conditions.

I've learned... a lot.

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