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time for a community update.

rafting was in early october, backpacking early november. We had flawless weather for both.

First night's camp. I can't remember the beach name.

on the river. Incredible.

Little waterfall at the top of Saddle Canyon. This was a nice little side hike into a very pretty little slot canyon.

On the river.

We spent a few days at an archaeological dig by the river. My friend and I turned over a rock and found this intact pot. (I'm in the yellow capilene!)


We hiked down New Hance Trail and up Grandview Trail. Day 2 we had a layover day and hiked upriver a ways. This is just above Hance Rapid, I think around river mile 75.

Hiking out of Hance Creek, towards the Redwall (ahh!)

Obligatory feet picture!
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